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Our Nation, Built Upon Bravery and Sacrifice

George Washington, leading brave men across the Delaware upon an assault of a fortified British position near Trenton, risked much in this moment. The sacrifice and bravery of this contingent of the Continental Army ensured that victory would be ultimately secured and the birth of a Democratic Nation would begin. The considerable risk and sacrifice of our military members ensures that Americans continue to enjoy the freedoms that are denied many around the world. It is this ultimate sacrifice of service members and the attendant victory in securing freedom that is captured in John Faed's painting of George Washington Receiving the Salute at Trenton. The aim of this Veterans Memorial is to replicate George Washington Receiving the Salute in a bronze statue. The statue would represent the Sacrifice and the Victory of our fallen service members.

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Proposed Site of Seattle Veterans Waterfront Memorial

If you were to ask any random Seattleite where you might find a Veterans Memorial, few would be able to provide you with a sufficient answer. 

It is therefore advocated that we as a community come together to remedy this problem. We ought to proudly and publicly honor our sons and our daughters who have given their lives in defense of this Nation and of Democracy. 

It is therefore proposed that we memorialize their sacrifice with a monument of prominence in the City of Seattle. 

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