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VISION: TO ENGAGE all Communities of Seattle in honoring the memory of our fallen and to cultivate dialogue and understanding in recognizing the significance of the ultimate sacrifice our service members paid in defense of democracy and our way of life.

MISSION: TO BUILD a Veterans Memorial of prominence on Seattle’s waterfront where tribute can be paid to Washington State’s fallen service members.

EXISTING GAP:  Currently in the City of Seattle there is no physical marker or memorial of prominence paying tribute to our fallen Service Members within public space.

CALL TO ACTION: The ultimate goal of this charitable organization is to fundraise for the construction of a Veterans Memorial honoring our fallen Service Members, and specifically those Service Members of Washington State. This memorial is to be sited in a place of prominence accessible by all Seattle Communities and Visitors of Seattle. The location also shall be reflective of the unique characteristics that define Seattle proper—Seattle’s extensive waterfront—placement of the memorial on Seattle’s waterfront achieves this goal. Sites to be considered are Seattle’s Alaskan Way Waterfront or near the West Seattle water taxi terminus. It is our hope that with robust public contributions that the City of Seattle will match or exceed the remainder of the fiscal target to fully fund the project to completion.

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